3 Reasons I’ve Found to Become a Writer

I have been writing stories since I was seven years old. My teachers used to complain to my parents about how long I would write. Those were back in the days where I thought it took a lot of words to tell a story.

As I grew up, I never considered making a career of becoming a writer. An editor to a fashion magazine, yes. But not an actual writer.

However being a writer isn’t something you choose. It’s something you can’t help but do. Here are the 3 Reasons I’ve found for becoming a writer:

1. It’s how I get my thoughts out.

I have written upwards of ten blogs during and since college. Anything ranging between book reviews, dating mishaps, quarter life crisis, thoughts on fashion, and business start-ups. I was even paid to talk about love and life as a millennial. Although having a boyfriend when you’re a known single-lady writer, puts that writing flame out real quick!

No matter what the blog topic, the theme has been the same: it’s my thoughts thrown out there. Writing is the most therapeutic way I’ve found to deal with life, love, aging, and the world around me. My style and theme may change, but I continue to love putting my thoughts on paper (or at least the digital kind of paper).

2. It’s the most consistent career in my life.

Just like the number of blogs that I’ve written, I have been exploring different career options. Originally studying to be a fashion designer, I studied abroad in Italy and interned in New York. After graduation, I designed wedding gowns (But only the camouflage ones sold), so I decided that this isn’t my career for now.

Then I moved to property management and learned to sell anything from the most expensive apartment homes to the cheapest. I could write a book (maybe I will!) on the different sketchy situations I’ve experienced.

I’ve even been a teacher, educating young minds and our future generations. And babysitting, because that’s how substitutes feel a lot of the time. My favorite kind of teaching was being elbow deep in paint and glitter, encouraging kids to explore their imaginations and support charitable causes.

But with all my different vocations, I’ve never been satisfied and have always been searching for more. All the while I’ve continued to write and share my life from different perspectives with people (many whom I’ve never met).

3. It’s what I can see myself doing every day of my life.

Since it has always been in my life, I am confident that it will always beΒ in my life. Sure the style, the theme, or the view may change, but my voice will always be present. Now I’ve decided to go all in. I’m ready to make the step and accept my fate as a writer. Although, if I’m going to make the decision to do this every day, then I need to take it seriously as a career.

If you have ever felt the same way as me, I encourage you to comment and follow me. We can be each other’s supporters and keep ourselves motivated. Writing can be a career of solitude, but we can be made stronger with a group to support us. For all my writers out there, we’re in this together.




*Disclaimer: This blog is for entertainment purposes only. You should always consult an expert before making changes in your life.


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